Modeling & Acting Classes

Everyone wants to look good and some definitely want to flaunt it too. Modelling today is not restricted to the ramp alone. Whether print, product promotion or ad films, all fields demand good looking models to complement their products.

The modelling course program at Right Modeling Agency is focused on teaching the intricate details of this fascinating career. During the course students are taken through the essential topics which answer the most asked question – How to become a model?, Ramp modelling, an insight into hair, makeup, grooming, etiquettes, posing and much more and after completing the modeling course we will launch you as a modal in magazine shoot and print shoot with E- commercial shoot.


  1. Model’s Poise & Posture
  2. Skin Care
  3. Makeup Artistry
  4. Nail Care
  5. Personality development
  6. Effective Speech & Voice Projection
  7. Professional Photo Movement
  8. Runway Techniques
  9. Wardrobe Planning
  10. Television Presence & Public Speaking
  11. Colour Analysis
  12. Video Fashion Modeling
  13. Modeling In Groups & Pairs
  14. Television Commercials
  15. Nutrition & Exercise
  16. Talk Show Workshop
  17. Showmanship
  18. Fashion Workshops
  19. Hair Care
  20. Formal & Informal Fashion
  21. Show Techniques
  22. Developing Model Manners
  23. Product Modeling
  24. On Camera Photo Shoot

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